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This is so true.

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Wow you are so wack. Screw off we don't need people like you in America.

hahah i respect that your opinion is different than mine. Why don’t you make a valid, humane, argument to one of my wacky posts? I won’t bite. I just don’t want you to be insulting me on: 1) just for having an opinion, and 2) possibly not understanding the topics which my blog has contributed to and the reasoning behind my thinking.

Have an open mind for once. Times are changing and my parents live in a half a million dollar house but still my dad cannot find a house and my mother works her ass off. Can you not?

i think you must’ve accidentally typed it out wrong. you said your parents have a half a million dollar house but cant find a house…?

Human beings are not an endangered species. Also, the Hyde amendment?

You are correct, we are not an endangered species. Does that mean that a human’s life is less important, or not as worthy?

Under Obamacare, there are worries that some of the tax money that is going to be used toward abortions. States are required to provide two health insurance plans: one that does cover abortion services, and one that doesn’t. Depending on which the state votes for (which, if you live in the state of Michigan like me, it will more than likely be toward the abortion services one), then that’s the health insurance you get. If you end up getting the abortion supporting health insurance, there is an unadvertised print that notifies the taxpayer that they will be supporting the abortion part of obamacare. Most people won’t notice the print, and even more people don’t pay attention to the news to know of this. It is said that there’s a way to get yourself out of paying it, but no description as to how you can. Anyways, most people will probably end up paying for it without knowing.
There’s also a contraception paying part that you can’t get rid of. Which is in a way unrelated to everything I just said but still unfair because they’re putting people in other people’s sex lives.

Whether or not you support gay marriage, you should support the 10th amendment. “By the people, for the people”

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Thank you so much for making this blog :)

& thank you for following it! Your blog is great!

Bless your blog, post more!

Thanks so much! & I will!